Fight for the Sun.

No matter how hard it begins to blow, I must continue the fight for the sun. The wind was so heavy, it knocked me to my knees. Cold enough to exhale and see the breath leave your lungs, & Bitter enough to make the tongue and the toes go numb.

Have you ever felt Jack Frost on your cheek?

It’s Blown around debris, ripped up signs, and grown stronger with each minute gone by. Every time I lift my head, it is at my back, forcing me on all fours. Once more, while on all fours, I look for the sun but the wind blows my arms from beneath me and I collapse completely to the ground.

Despite the winds strength, I’m fighting... Fighting for every breath of ice cold air that fills me to the core. Thinking, “This wind can’t blow forever right?” I Keep fighting to see a glimpse of sun light amidst debris & smog.

I gotta feel the warmth from the sun!

I wonder, “If god keeps blowing out wind, chilling to the bone, he has to stop and catch his breath eventually.

Remember, God created the heaviest winds but he also created us too. Magnificent beings with will power exceeding a gale force wind. Deep within you, lies the courage to push against the ground, resist gravity, and rise up! Rise back to your feet, then listen…The winds howl has subsided.

Oh Happy Day! We can lift our heads and our hearts and sing and there are no winds heavy enough to muffle us because we’ve already risen above its reach. Remember how you’ve been knocked to your knees. Remember the pain felt when you hit the pavement on all fours.

Now… Remember your strength, become lifted by your faith and stand tall!

Fight for the sun & find comfort always believing God created miracles like a warm breeze to comfort our frosted cheeks.

Thank you for reading “Fight for the Sun.” An excerpt of life, resistance, and triumph… A short tale of faith. It’s a motivating thought that despite all the issues we face, our strength is greater than our fear. We have all had moments when our back was against the wall or our knees forced to the ground, yet many of us stand proud today having overcame a plethora of struggles. Feel free to share your own tale of faith, how you kept moving forward despite all obstacles like the Wind! I would greatly appreciate any comments, insight, or feedback. Keep Growing!

– with Love,



“Spontaneous Healing” by Andrew Weil

This was quite an intrinsic read, with many real, detailed accounts of healing by a variety of conventional and alternative methods, not offering a concrete cure to all ailments but supporting one common idea.. that we are born with the ability to heal ourselves. The author also describes various alternative medicinal methods that support the suggestion, if we live according to the acknowledgment of the natural healing systems’ existence and implement practices that support that system in our daily lives, then we would all bear witness to a rise in spontaneous healing!

Dr. Weil also offers an evaluation of conventional medicine, concerning true healing. He suggests, Whether by the integration of conventional and alternative methods or by neglecting the pessimism of many practitioners of conventional medicine to try an alternative approach, Each of us has a personal responsibility to identify the potential of the body’s natural healing system and Dr. Weil implores us all to consider best practices that induce spontaneous healing for a variety of ailments or conditions available to us all.

I would suggest this book to anyone interested in optimizing their own systems of healing or facing a condition they haven’t found a sufficient method of treatment for. Andrew Weil offers fantastic insight built off of his first hand experiences with these conditions, different methods of treatment, and the people and practitioners affected by them.


Release this anger, Release this stress.

Let go of the illusion that you’re exactly like the rest.

Evolve into your destiny.

Let purpose fill your mind.

There is no space for less than the divine.

Divine intervention could change the course

& whether or not you realize now, the choice was always yours.

This is a new beginning for us all.

It doesn’t matter what we are used to.

It makes no difference what we’ve been through.

The past does not define you but each moment & each action moving forward can determine your future…

Lead with love, lay your rage aside. It is all possible!


Not long after you decided, it all began unfolding.

Life remained a walk where you’d be faced with ultimate possibility, if you so chose to accept it.

Of course i accept…

The alternative is a wincing thought; a life gone by yet had not been lived.

Motivation on this journey comes in many forms.

For one instance, my closest company often being within or from The Most High, consolation in moments of solitude or doubt come when reliving the moment i embraced this walk…

When I(self) promised I wouldn’t give up.

…Without Notice.

Have you ever felt that a time of transition was at hand?

Did you watch yourself grow from an irresponsible person to someone who is asked to make decisions?

Were you a small child, with a mind large enough to fill the cosmos, only to grow into an adult unaware of the cosmos very existence?

What has changed?…

Those eyes of yours which had once looked up to the stars fell upon someone you admire. In time, they have transcended and are now looking directly up to you.

You’ve inherited the role of being asked spontaneous and important questions because they were questions that you too once had.

The ones that have taken care of you since inception will soon rely on you to return that love.

…and without notice, you are left with the very best and the very worst of what they have taught, shown, and given you and you blossom into yourself.


It’s wild out here.

A jungle, if you will…

Keep those eyes on the purpose before you forget why you’re here entirely

Before you lose yourself…

See them for what they are and not for what they say.. actions speak, words deceive.

The devil himself will try to sway you.

But TMH, all praise due, is the keeper of truth.